Advanced Intelligent Systems Laboratories

Hiroya KANO

Hiroya Kano

Master in Physics
Mechanical System Lab

Research Area:

  • ● Optics


  • ● H. Kano, H. Okano, "Edge detection based on four-directional illuminations", IEICE General Conference, Japan, March, 2018.
  • ● H. Kano, H. Ohno, T. Kamikawa, and H. Okano, “Surface property visualization by one-shot BRDF imaging system”, Optical Symposium, Japan, June, 2021.
  • ● H. Ohno and H. Kano, “Depth reconstruction with coaxial multi-wavelength aperture telecentric optical system” Opt. Express 26(20), 25880–25891 (2018).
  • ● H. Ohno and H. Kano, “Dual coaxial lens system for depth reconstruction” Opt. Review 26, 500-506 (2019).

Patents (Issued ones only):

  • ● US2018/0101958 A1, “Edge detection device, an edge detection method, and an object holding device”
  • ● US2020/0150326 A1, “Optical test apparatus and optical test method”


  • ● The Optical Society of Japan