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Compact, Secure ID Scheme for NAND FlashMemory and SeeQVault(✝) Standard


In order to prevent unauthorized copying of commercial digital content, a unique ID is generally assigned to each medium to encrypt the content when it is recorded on it. Toshiba has developed a secure ID management scheme designed to prevent any thirdparty replication of such IDs. The newly developed scheme can be implemented in a compact controller of NAND flash memory.

In this scheme, electronic appliances must first obtain separately licensed secret information to execute an authentication protocol for the NAND flash memory. Upon the successful implementation of the authentication protocol, an electronic appliance is granted permission to use a unique, secure ID assigned to each NAND flash memory.

This scheme has been adopted in the SeeQVault(✝) content protection technology licensed by NSM Initiatives LLC. SeeQVault(✝)-compliant microSDHC memory cards have been on the market since October 2013, and SeeQVault(✝)- compliant portable HDDs are expected to be released in the near future.

In Japan, SeeQVault(✝) has already been authorized as a content protection technology to protect digital broadcast contents, and TVs and content players/recorders that support SeeQVault(✝)-compliant media will be released in the near future. SeeQVault(✝) will be used to protect a variety of digital contents, including audio contents, e-books, and games.

Storage and other devices compliant with SeeQVault(✝) content protection standards

Storage and other devices compliant with SeeQVault(✝) content protection standards

ID: Identifier

SDHC: SD High Capacity

SeeQVault is a trademark of NSM Initiatives LLC.