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Technology for visualizing skillfulness using motion capture

Visualize the skillfulness of highly skilled workers by comparing highly skilled workers with beginners using motion capture and musculoskeletal simulations.

  • Digitize human movement using inertial sensor motion capture.
  • Estimate use of the body’s strength through mechanical analysis using musculoskeletal simulations.
  • Visualize skillfulness by comparing highly skilled workers and beginners.
  • Contributes to improving performance and passing on manual work skills.


  • Task analysis and development for technicians; e.g., machining

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • Toshiba developed a method for visualizing skillfulness related to work motion.
  • Applying the technology to a comparison of beginners participating in the Skills Olympics and the highly skilled workers who trained them, confirmed that improved skills result in movement with less impact on the body.
  • Can also be used to quantify performance improvements before and after training.


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