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  • Anomaly detection
  • Status estimation
  • Media recognition

Technology for detecting “close call” incidents through video and inspection questions

Automatically detects causes of close calls violating safety manuals, based on workplace videos.

  • Input workplace video and safety inspection questions created from frontline manuals, to describe current conditions based on Q&A AI (VQA: Visual Question Answering).
  • Because of the universal format that combines videos and questions, it can be quickly applied in a variety of scenarios.
  • If inspection items need to be added or changed, only the addition or editing of questions is required; there is no need to re-create the detection algorithms.


  • “Close call” detection in production workplaces
  • Search video using questions with narrowed down conditions; e.g., to search for specified scenes in broadcast contents; to search for specified persons or conditions in drive recorder or security camera video; or to search for past close call incidents with similar conditions
  • It can also be used to infer answers based on video and questions.

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • In performance evaluations using global standard public data sets (VQA-v2), responded to questions about a video with the world’s highest level of accuracy (as of April 2021).


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