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- ended March, 2008

Taking the Initiative: Strategies for Continued Growth 2007

- April 12, 2007

Q & A Session

(Overall Plan)

Q1. Do the figures for operating profit presented today reflect impact of depreciation method change?
Yes, they do.
Q2. Is there any changes of capital expenditures you have announced in this year's plan than the amount you announced last year?
No. Our latest capex plan uses the same business assumptions issued last year.
Q3. Can you tell us the criteria you will use for your review of your current business portfolio?
They are not quantitative criteria. We are looking at the business scale and considering potential growth, profitability and overall performance to reinforce its performance.

(Digital Products)

Q4. What is the position of SED TV in your TV business strategy?
The strategic positioning of SED TV has not changed. 52-inch LCD TVs have been announced, but we do not see SED TV as having the same positioning as LCD TV.

(Electronic Devices)

Q5. Please tell us about your capex plan for semiconductors.
68% of the Toshiba capital expenditure will be directed toward the electronic devices domain. Over three years, we expect to invest over trillion yen in semiconductors. The main target for investment will be NAND Flash memory, our leading semiconductor business. Our investment plan includes the reinforcement of capabilities of Fab 4 and plans for Fab 5.
Q6. Can you give us concrete details of your plan for Fab 5?
We plan to finalize our decision making on Fab 5 in fiscal year 07. It is an integral part of our present business plan.
Q7. When do you expect to see mass production of OLED TVs?
I expect to see large-sized OLED panels for color TVs in 2009. If you ask whether they will be small molecule or polymer panels, I would say both. But the search is still on for the best material to use.

(Social Infrastructure)

Q8. Newspaper reports say you will enter the nuclear power business in Russia. Is this move integrated into your mid-term business plan?
We see Russia as a promising future market. But we would need Japan and Russia to conclude a bilateral agreement on nuclear cooperation before we could consider anything.

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