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Environmental Advertisements [Past Cases]


[Image] Nikkei ESG (March 2020 issue) by Nikkei BP
Nikkei ESG (March 2020 issue) by Nikkei BP

We introduced Toshiba Group's environmental communication activities. With a focus on Global Environmental Action, which is our global employee participation activity, and environmental education programs for children that we implement at Toshiba Science Museum and elementary schools in the Tokyo Metropolitan area as well as near our business and production sites, we noted that, through community-based environmental activities, we are deepening communication with stakeholders, such as local community members and NPOs, and are contributing to addressing social issues. We also explained that these activities were raising employees' awareness. Finally, we introduced our internal environmental awareness-raising event, Toshiba Group Environmental Seminar 2020, for personnel in charge of environmental affairs who are developing environmental activity plans.


[Image] Nikkei ESG, February 2019 issue (Nikkei BP)
Nikkei ESG, February 2019 issue (Nikkei BP)

We introduced our energy-saving railway rolling stock system that combines VVVF* inverters using All-SiC (silicon carbide) devices, totally enclosed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), and power supply system for emergency run equipped with SCiB™ over a total of four pages.

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency


[Image] Nikkei ecology (March 2018 issue) issued by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Nikkei ecology (March 2018 issue) issued by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

We gave a report on the 26th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition as a magazine advertisement. In addition to explaining "Toshiba Group's Environmental Management", we introduced the rechargeable battery SCiB™, hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system H2One™, image recognition processor Visconti™, and next-generation manufacturing solution Meister Series™ along with photographs taken at the exhibition booth as representative products in the Social Infrastructure, Energy, Electronic Device, and Manufacturing zones.


The 25th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition promotional website launched jointly by Nikkei Business Publications' ecomom and Toshiba Group

Nikkei Business Publications ecomom website
(in Japanese)

To widely promote the typical products we displayed at Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition held on June 9 and 10, we launched a website jointly with Nikkei Business Publications. We asked two housewives to make field reports on self-checkout machines and home fuel cells in order to discuss Toshiba Group's environmental initiatives from their perspective.