Effects of Solution

For detailed explanations of problem-solving measures and benefits of implementation.

1. Automating connections between models

Problem: Hard to connect models


  • Automatically creates bus connectors that transmit and receive data according to communication specifications, and distributes them to each development environment

Effects of solution:

  • Automates connections between models, less man-hours required to aggregate and connect multiple models

2. Enables verifications between multiple companies while keeping the model confidential

Problem: Model is not disclosed


  • Establishes a shared input-output interface through the bus connectors and executes co-simulations with only the input and output signals of the models.

Effects of solution:

  • Enables verifications of models that require confidentiality between suppliers
  • Enables verifications between different types or versions of simulators at other companies or departments

3. Accelerating simulations through distributed processing

Problem: Simulation is slow


  • Distributed execution of simulations via multiple computers and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Utilizes the cloud to execute simulations using low-latency, high-performance resources

Effects of solution:

  • Speeds up simulations through distribution to simulation tools on multiple terminals
  • Can build high-speed simulation environments in a short amount of time and achieve higher speeds
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