TOSHIBA SPINEX for Manufacturing

  • Industrial IoT Cloud Services
Industrial IoT Cloud Services

A remote monitoring cloud service that utilizes digital data from products connected with IoT to support transformations into new forms of business

This cloud service for after-sales service with an asset integration data platform was developed based on expertise accumulated by the Toshiba Group in remote monitoring and maintenance over the years. It collects and stores operating data of scattered equipment with IoT technology and allows you to quickly monitor it remotely from around the globe.
In addition, it bolsters maintenance operations capabilities of equipment manufacturers, enables proposal-based services for maintenance and purchasing replacement products and supplies, and aid the development of products tailored to customer needs by visualizing the usage status of equipment at delivery sites.


Monitor equipment located throughout the world

  • Collect data from equipment being monitored throughout the world and observe its operating status from anywhere
  • Expertise from implementation cases worldwide

Visualize collected data from various angles

  • Data being monitored is visualized on five cards
    • Display devices
    • Display device status
    • Event records
    • Process flow chart
    • Event lists

Coordinate with AI analysis and BI tools to provide valuable data

  • Provides APIs that enable easy linkage with Microsoft Azure services, etc.
  • Connects with AI and BI tools to enable data services that provide KPI information and fault predictions for users

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