TOSHIBA SPINEX for Manufacturing

An IoT cloud service that digitalizes operations and maintenance data for various types of equipment to boost asset value

This Asset IoT Cloud Service for Factories with an asset integration data platform was developed based on expertise accumulated by the Toshiba Group in operations and maintenance over the years. It monitors and utilizes operating data from sets of equipment to make the daily work of operators more efficient and enable early maintenance that detects problems before they occur. It also boosts energy efficiency by managing power usage plans and power supply capacity in a well-balanced manner.


Advanced operations and maintenance for equipment and facilities with remote centralized management

  • Monitor operation status of sites and equipment located throughout the world
  • Utilize energy usage plans and actual usage information for energy optimization

Visualize acquired data from various angles

  • Visualize facilities and equipment
    • Display devices
    • Display device status
    • Event records
    • Event lists
  • Visualize power usage information
    • Process flows
    • Manage power usage trends

Coordinate with AI analysis and BI tools to provide valuable data

  • Computation report function enables data services that provide KPI information and fault predictions for users
  • Provides APIs that enable easy linkage with Microsoft Azure services, etc.

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