The 3 Reasons
People Choose Toshiba

We provide support for achieving digital transformation and new value creation with a focus in the areas of Mobility, Energy/Environment, Industrial, and Logistics.

The Comprehensive Strength of the Toshiba Group

Solving problems with the comprehensive strength of the Toshiba Group, driven and supported by the "Toshiba Next Plan" initiative.

Solving problems with the comprehensive strength of the Toshiba Group, driven and supported by the "Toshiba Next Plan" initiative.

The "Toshiba Next Plan" was announced in November 2018 as a new strategic initiative in building a new future for the Toshiba Group. By melding our physical strengths cultivated over many years in the manufacturing industry with our cyber technology that makes digitalization in the industrial sector possible, we are now strategically positioned to take on the main role as a CPS (Cyber-Physical System) technology business company. CPS collects data from the real world (physical), which is analyzed and transformed digitally (cyber), then fed back into the physical world to create added value and contribution for a better society.
This is where Toshiba's historical knowledge and experience in the real world (physical) can be most utilized. In other words, this is where we can maximize our know-how in the domains of manufacturing, monitoring, control, and maintenance. In digital (cyber) space, we can recreate and predict complex processes by utilizing simulation, AI, and data optimization technologies. This ability to blend both physical and cyber knowledge and technological strength is a defining feature of the Toshiba Group.
Toshiba was originally founded on the venture spirit of 2 innovative people; Hisashige Tanaka, known as Karakuri Giemon, and Ichisuke Fujioka, known as the Thomas Edison of Japan. The Toshiba Group is commited in making contribution to future society, by fully maximizing its "Creativity" and "Technology" which was both inherited in the DNA by the venture spirit roots of our original foundation.

Specialized DX Consulting

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation IoT/AI strategy in realizing digital transformation

We identify potential issues in the client's business domain and combine consulting with digitalization to create new value.

What is digital transformation (DX)?

Digital transformation is a concept proposed by professor Erik Stolterman from the Umeå University of Sweden in 2004. He conceived of this idea as a way for 'permeation of IT to transform every aspect of human activities for the better.'
Data collected by sensors and devices provide fundamental improvements to work processes, resulting in optimized service levels and cost efficiency. The efficient involvement of digital technology in business has the possibility of creating new value and new markets.

Toshiba IoT/AI strategy in realizing digital transformation

Advanced specialists in each field collaborate at Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, combining their expertise and knowledge to offer highly effective consulting services. We work closely with clients to create new value.

Our service goes beyond the boundaries of each business domains. We first identify the challenges, conduct collaborative service designs and finally confirm the effects of the plan in actual operation.
We identify potential issues in our client's business domains, agree on which issues should be tackled, then share the financial KPIs that should be achieved. We craft a business concept that focuses on data to better understand users and its operations, then propose a service business hypothesis. After testing the business concept, we provide hands on commitment to develop the service, conduct the operations to acheive results while implementing continuous improvements.

We provide full-stack solutions that includes accelerating DX promotion, consulting via specialist teams that are experts in digital technologies, operations, and aim to obtain valuable outputs (results), instead of merely offering a conventional solution (or function).
We use a systematic process and methodology based on experience cultivated over many years of business and technology development, combined with consulting and digital technologies to create new value together with clients in a timely manner.

Expert Specialist Group

Support from ultra upstream and ultra downstream specialists

Our highly specialized team can provide a high level of digital consulting, development and operations framework in each business domain.

The major advantage of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation is our specialized consultants with a diverse range of expertise. They can be sorted into seven major categories, each bringing their unique expertise and advanced knowledge from each field.
These specialists can form expert project teams, collaborating as necessary during each step of the process including ultra upstream and ultra downstream phases, offering effective consulting to create new value for clients.

The Specialists and their roles in leading to success by digital transformation

Business developer

By building and maintaining relationships on the CXO level with our clients in various industries, we gain a deep knowledge of their industry trends, history, users, technology and regional characteristics, etc. This allows us to propose our clients with a vision for the future. We focus to analyze our client's management challenges and priorities, as well as the changes in the industry and its structure, in order to make the most effective proposals to our clients.

Business producer

We engage with the management of our clients as business partners on a daily basis, supporting to build mid to long-term business strategies together for future growth.
We take full responsibility in managing multiple DX projects, establishing their strategic direction, broadening the thinking of team members, and maximizing the output value.

Domain expert

We familiarize ourselves fully with the industry, regional events and backgrounds, bridging the gap with domain expert mindsets as well as a DX mindsets, all based on deep understanding of the uniqueness of each target industries and regions. We study and understand the industry and its regional rules and systems, then make predictions and strategic suggestions on how to allign with industry trends and outlooks.
We also become thoroughly familiar with on-site operations of our clients, establishing a hypothesis on the structure and location of data required for analysis and create a digital twin, then quantify the results (value) of the DX project.

Business consultant

By understanding our client's managerial KPI's and work details, we form a team of Global experts to set the strategic priorities and propose new approaches to innovate the business.
As the DX project leader, our role is to handle the overall project design, daily management, team member training, and gather all outputs and results.
We gain a deep understanding of the client's industry and focus to solve their business challenges.

Service designer

We have experience in identifying user challenges and values from many DX projects which helps us work closely with clients and identify issues that clients are not yet aware of.
We also conduct workshop facilitations in design methodology at locations around the world as a part of our service menu. As the leader of the project, we create prototypes and work closely with our clients until the commercialization phase.

Data scientist

In many of our DX projects, we have experience taking the lead in integrating and visualizing client's data. In particular, our thorough knowledge of AI that makes use of optimized algorithms can be used as necessary along with the most effective data analysis methods to suggest strategies, linking to new values for clients.
We can identify which challenges must be resolved in order to create value for clients, then use a number of expert analysis methods to select the optimal method based on feasibility studies.

Solutions architect

We offer a selection of digital technologies and development methods that spans the entire DX service. We are able capable to incorporate new technologies and development methods by conducting our research to apply the best technology suited for a project.
Our development knowledge runs far beyond the borders of OT and IT, which can be utilized in advanced service developments.
Through communication with clients, we apply agile development methods to launch new services and further spiraling up the service level to maintain and improve the competitive edge in our services.

Note: CxO (Chief X Officer) refers to the top management in a company, namely the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer), and "CXO" mentioned in the above contexts refers to the relationships with the top management.