Energy and Environment

Our world has been facing environmental issues such as global warming and corresponding actions are required especially in the energy industry. Under such circumstances, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation maximize business efficiency of clients and partners in the energy industry and create new values for precious energy resources by utilizing Toshiba's technology and deep domain expertise.

Power Plant O&M optimization service powered by Toshiba's digital technology and deep domain expertise

Combination of domain expertise and digital technology of the Toshiba Group.

In the energy industry, drastic changes such as deregulation, de-carbonization and decentralization have occurred while energy demand continues to increase. Under such on-going changes in the energy industry, it is an important time to re-think the value of the limited energy resources.
We are deploying new energy businesses considering the big trends of de-carbonization, decentralization and ESG investment increase by combining domain expertise and advanced digital technology in the Toshiba Group. Aiming to accelerate digital transformation and upgrade the energy industry.

O&M optimization support for overseas power plants

An example of our activities is the O&M optimization service implementation in overseas power plants. This has been implemented as a business incubation collaboration activity with Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation which has deep engineering expertise in power plant business.
There are much room for improvements by digital technology by ways of implementing data analysis for power plants. Combining the analysis results with domain expertise, providing clients with appropriate instructions to improve financial KPI's such as reducing fuel cost and increasing electricity wholesales revenue. Our strength is end-to-end supports. Our services cover from financial target identification to real solution implementation until actual client benefit is achieved. To become a real partner of clients, we are trying to create performance based reward business model to share benefits with clients.
We are also working on virtual power plant business which is expected to be expanded in the future.

Creating successes and rolling out services to attract new clients

In this domain, we are currently at a proof of business stage. Our short term target is to create a successful case and roll out the service to the other power plants owned by the same owner. In the meanwhile, we are considering to develop new clients by utilizing results of the successful case.
As a future plan, we are aiming to expand our business to other industries where we can utilize technology and expertise of Toshiba Group.

Our Consultants

My policy in business is to think from a client's point of view and obtain client's trust. Always aiming to identify issues and solve those issues from a client's point of view, and realize digital transformation to contribute to client's financial improvement.

K. I.
General Manager

Do you want to expand the possibilities of the energy and the environment business potential together?

Do you want to expand the possibilities of the energy and the environment
business potential together?

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