Personal Data Possessed by the Company or Records of Provision to Third Parties

1. Name and Address of the Entity Handling Personal Data and the Name of the Representative

Name: Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
Address: 72-34, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Representative: Taro Shimada

2. Title, Affiliation, and Contact Information of the Chief Privacy Officer

General Manager, HR & Administration Division (Contact via the "Personal Data Complaints and Consultation Desk" indicated below.)

3. Intended Use of All Personal Data Possessed by the Company

(1) Personal data of customers

To implement and appropriately manage the stipulations of the contract

(2) Personal data of business partners

To appropriately manage the stipulations of contracts concluded with business partners

(3) Personal data of individuals desiring employment by the Company

- To provide and communicate recruitment and job application information to individuals interested in employment by the Company and individuals who have already applied

- For the recruitment and selection process

(4) Personal data of the Company's employees

- For work-related communication, creation of employee rosters, various legal procedures (including post-employment procedures), and other employment management purposes

- For selection of personnel and determination of organizational affiliation and external assignment/dispatch locations

- For determination and payment of compensation, tax processing, procedures related to social insurance, and provision of benefits

- For safety management measures in video and online monitoring

- For PR or promotional materials, etc., used in the Company's PR or promotional activities, etc.

- For appropriate health management (Health information about workers, including results of health examinations, will not be acquired, used, or provided unless required by law.)

(5) Personal data of individuals who have contacted the Company

- To improve customer service, etc.

- To accurately understand and address inquiries and other communications

(6) Specific personal data, etc.

For the proper implementation of operations such as creating withholding tax certificates and payment statements, reporting health insurance and welfare pension insurance, and reporting employment insurance, based on legal requirements
* In regard to the intended use indicated above, "appropriately manage the stipulations of the contract" includes both use prior to the conclusion of the contract and use after the contract has ended.

4. Contact for Complaints Regarding Handling of Personal Data Possessed by the Company

"Personal Data Complaints and Consultation Desk" (Indicated at the end of this document.)

5. Name of Certified Personal Data Protection Organization and Contact for Filing Complaints

The Company is not currently covered by a certified personal data protection organization.

6. Procedures for Responding to Requests for Disclosure, etc. (Including Requests for Disclosure of Records of Provision to Third Parties)

(1) Contact for requests for disclosure, etc.

"Personal Data Complaints and Consultation Desk" (Indicated at the end of this document.)

(2) Format of documents to submit and other methods for requesting disclosure, etc.

Please send the following to our "Personal Data Complaints and Consultation Desk" by postal mail or a courier service. We will respond promptly and without delay. Please note that we do not accept requests for disclosure, etc., through means other than postal mail or a courier service (such as in-person visits, e-mail, fax, etc.).

a)  "Request Form for Personal Data Disclosure, etc." stipulated by the Company
Request Form for Personal Data Disclosure(68KB)

b) Identity confirmation documents

1)  If the request is made by the individual
- Copies of the individual's official identification documents

2)  If the request is made by proxy
All applicable documents from the list below.

(i)   Proof of the representative's authority

ⅰ.Statutory agent
Copy of the family register, or other documents certifying the person's qualifications

Power of Attorney for Request of Disclosure, etc.(110KB)

- Please affix your seal to the power of attorney form and attach a seal registration certificate for that seal. If the representative is a legal representative such as a parent or guardian, a copy or abstract of the family register or residence certificate indicating the relationship with the individual concerned can be submitted in lieu of the power of attorney form.

(ii)  Identity confirmation documents for the representative

Copies of the proxy's official identification documents

(iii) Identity confirmation documents for the individual (the principal)

Copies of the individual's official identification documents

* Official identification documents
Either A or B below.

A: Any one of the following

Driver's License, Driving History Certificate, Passport, Individual Number Card (only the side displaying the name and photograph), Physical Disability Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, Nursing Notebook, Residence Card, Special Permanent Resident Certificate

B: Two or more of the following documents

Public Health Insurance Card, copy of the Resident Register, Certificate of Entry in the Resident Certificate, Pension Booklet, Late-Stage Elderly Medical Insurance or Nursing Care Insurance Card, Membership Card for National Public Service Mutual Aid Association or local Public Service Mutual Aid Association, Membership Card for the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan, Child Support Allowance Certificate, Special Child Support Allowance Certificate

(Submittal of identification confirmation documents)
* The identity confirmation documents you provide will be used as follows. Please send them only if you consent to that use.

- Your personal data will be used to respond to the principal's requests for disclosure, etc.

- For personal data that does not require identity confirmation, please write over it with black ink or otherwise mask the information so that it cannot be read.

- The Company shall not provide the personal data to a third party without the consent of the principal, except as required by law. In addition, the Company has no plans to outsource the handling of the personal data.

- If the individual's identity cannot be confirmed through the submitted documents, we may be unable to fulfill requests for disclosure, etc.

c) Fees
A fee of ¥800 per request is required for "Notification of Intended Use" or "Disclosure" of personal data possessed by the Company. Please include a postal money order in the amount of ¥800 with the documents for submission. In cases in which the fee is not included as indicated above, we will notify the person making the request to that effect. If payment is not made within the specified period of time, we will deem that no request for disclosure, etc., has been made. As a rule, submitted documents will not be returned.

7. Measures Taken for Management of the Safety Personal Data Possessed by the Company

(Formulation of a basic policy)
To ensure proper handling of personal data, we have established a basic policy regarding "Compliance with Relevant Laws and Guidelines" and "Contacts for Inquiries and Complaints."

(Establishment of rules related to the handling of personal data)
At each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion, and disposal, etc., of personal data, we have established regulations for the handling of personal data, including handling methods, responsible parties, assigned personnel, and their duties.

(Organizational safety management measures)
We have appointed individuals responsible for the handling of personal data, clarified the employees who handle personal data as well as scope of personal data handled by those employees, and established a system of reporting to and notifying responsible parties in the event that facts or signs of violation of laws or regulations in relation to personal data handling are discovered. We regularly conduct self-assessments of the handling of personal data and conduct audits by other departments or external parties to assess the situation.

(Human safety management measures)
We provide regular training to employees on considerations for handling personal data. We conclude contracts with employees regarding maintenance of the confidentiality of personal data.

(Physical security measures)
In areas where personal data is handled, we implement measures for monitoring employee access and managing equipment brought into the area. Additionally, preventive measures are in place to prevent access to personal data by individuals without appropriate authorization. We take measures to prevent theft, loss, and other incidents involving devices, electronic media, and documents used in the handling of personal data. When these items are transported, including during movement within Company premises, we ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent the easy identification of personal data.

(Technical security measures)
We implement access control to define the scope of access for personnel and databases containing personal data. In addition, we have implemented mechanisms to safeguard information systems handling personal data from unauthorized access and malicious software originating from external sources.

(Awareness of the external environment)
The Company does not provide personal data to third parties located outside Japan.

<Personal Data Complaints and Consultation Desk>
72-34, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 212-8585
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
Contact: HR & Administration Division
Inquiries Concerning Personal Data Protection

* Precautions

- The Company assumes no liability for the loss of documents during mailing or shipment or non-delivery due to accidents.

- Please ensure that all necessary information is entered completely. If there are any deficiencies in the documents, they may be returned to you.

- The Company may be unable to fulfill requests for disclosure, etc., in cases in which exceptions to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information apply.

- It may take some time to process the request, depending on the content.

- Personal data obtained in response to a request for disclosure, etc., will only be handled within the necessary scope for fulfilling the request. The submitted documents will be properly disposed of by the Company.

- Please be aware that corrections, suspension of use, etc., may result in the inability to use the relevant services.

End of document