EHV & UHV Power Transformers

333 MVA, 1200 kV Single Phase Auto Transformer

EHV & UHV Power Transformers

Power Transformers (Oil Filled) have a robust design and sturdy construction to competently handle short circuits.


  • Installed Capacity of 24GVA per annum
  • GEORG CNC Cut-to-Length Line for step lap cores
  • Winding, Core Coil Assembly are carried out in dust proof clean room with temperature control
  • CTC conductor, Insulation, Tank & Radiators are manufactured In - House

Key Milestones

  • Successfully supplied & commissioned 1 No. of 333 MVA, 1200 kV, 1 Ph, Auto Transformer with In-House development for 1200 kV Test Station at BINA, M/s. PGCIL during 2012-13
  • Full Scale dynamic Short Circuit Test Carried out in 20 No's of Power Transformer, including 315 MVA, 400 kV Auto Transformer
  • Supplied more than 60 No's of 400 kV class and above Transformers

Product Range

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S.No Description Rating Voltage Class Standards
1 Generator Transformer Up to 1000 MVA Up to 800 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC
2 Auto Transformer Up to 1500 MVA Up to 1200 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC
3 Two Winding Transformer Up to 1000 MVA Up to 800 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC
4 Medium Power Transformer 25 MVA to 60 MVA 60 kV to 245 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC
5 Traction Transformer Up to 200 MVA Up to 245 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC
6 Shunt Reactor Up to 125 MVAR Up to 800 kV ANSI,IS,BS,NEMA,IEC


Industries, Power Generating Stations, Receiving Stations, Substations & Railways.

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