Completely Self-Protected Transformers

(Amorphous Metal/CRGO Silicon Steel)

Completely Self-Protected Transformers (CSP) offer a complete and safe solution against lightning, switch surges and severe overloads.

Completely Self-Protected Transformers

Features and Benefits

  • Higher Transformers Availability : Available for a longer duration than conventional transformers. Internal breaker (Type CLR) is tripped by a standard Bi-Metallic thermal trip element, which integrates oil transformers and secondary current flow, allowing the transformers to continue to operate even under overload conditions, until the oil temperature makes coil damage imminent. Improvised CQR type breakers can also be provided which are furnished with instantaneous magnetic trip element in addition to the Bi-Metallic thermal trip element.
  • More Reliable Services : CSP Transformers efficiently and effectively disconnect the load from the transformer under overload conditions. Moreover CSP components help in identifying locations where improvements in load managements may be necessary.
  • Lower System Cost : Considering the operating costs of energy supply and replacement costs of the transformers that have failed prematurely due to overload, CSP transformers would no doubt fair better than conventional ones.
  • Easier and Simpler Installation : Involves only one piece of electrical equipment, The transformers and only one high voltage electrical connection to the distribution line.
  • Safer operation.

Standard Fittings

  • Internal Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
  • Internal High Voltage Protective Link
  • Signal Light
  • Operating Handle
  • Lightning Arrester
  • Rating and Diagram Plate
  • Primary Bushings
  • Secondary Bushings
  • Oil Level Gauge

Technical Specification

Ratings 1 Phase : CRGO:Upto 167 kVA
AMT : Upto 167 kVA
3 Phase : CRGO:Upto 315 kVA
AMT : Upto 315 kVA
Number of Phase Single Phase and Three Phase
Applicable Standards IS,CEA,IEC,ANSI,JIS,BS,EN, etc.
Cooling ONAN
Insulating Fluid Mineral Oil as per specification
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Vector Group As specified
Primary Voltage Upto 11 kV
Secondary Voltage 415, 433 V
(Other Voltages as required)
Winding Material Copper / Aluminium
Tapping Range + 5% in steps of 2.5%
(Other tapings as required)
Impedance In line with applicable standards
(or) As per customer requirement

Optional Fittings

  • Terminal Connectors
  • Pressure Relief Device / Explosion Vent
  • Cable Box
  • Rollers (Uni-Directional / Bi-Directional)
  • Arcing Horns
  • Free Breathing / Hermetically Sealed
  • Cable Terminations

Technical Parameters of the products contained in this website are generic in nature. Please contact us for any Latest / Updated / Specific Information.