Quantum Key Distribution

The new age of secure communication, powered by quantum physics

Our vision is to secure the world’s communications from the threats posed by advances in computing and mathematics. At a time when technological progress has created an almost constant state of data proliferation, the need for the secure transmission of sensitive information has never been more significant. It is essential to protect and future-proof data communication now through the advancement of reliable and ultra-secure quantum cryptography solutions.

At Toshiba, we are committed to delivering world’s leading cyber-physical-system technology to protect the private information of citizens and companies. Our Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) offering applies the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics to secure network communications. Based on decades of scientific research, our industry leading approach to information technology provides organizations with the ability to revolutionize their IT infrastructure with the most secure communications known today.

What is QKD

Keeping data safe and secure is one of the greatest challenges posed by the rapid development of today’s information technology. More and more sensitive data is stored on remote computer servers, for example in the cloud, making secure access to this data a predominant concern. Securing the transmission and retrieval relies on encryption of information sent over public networks.

Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum key distribution is gaining momentum to deploy and implement in real world use cases to prepare for threats brought by quantum computers. Toshiba’s quantum cryptography solutions support the safety and security of the new network society.

【TOSHIBA】Quantum key Distribution (YouTube)
【TOSHIBA】Quantum key Distribution (YouTube)
【TOSHIBA】Quantum key Distribution (YouTube)

Why Toshiba QKD

We started research into quantum cryptography in 1999 at the Cambridge Research Laboratory of Toshiba Research Europe Limited. Since then we have demonstrated a number of notable world firsts. We were the first to announce quantum key distribution over 100 km of fiber in 2003 and the first with a continuous key rate exceeding 1 Mbit/second in 2010 and 10 Mbit/second in 2017.


Our QKD offering has two variants: the multiplexed system which can be operated on data carrying fiber, and the long-distance system for the highest possible key rate and range.

Use Cases

Securing the high speed transfer of large scale sensitive genome data between two remote sites

Genome researchers have always been concerned about the security of transferring large-scale genome sequence data. Indeed, there have been examples where they have physically transported hard disks in locked security boxes, which is clearly problematic in terms of cost and time.

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