CEO Message

For the Toshiba Group's Brighter Futures

Based on the visions of "Toshiba Next Plan", Toshiba group drives forward the BPR/IT strategy which consists of Standardization (BPR) and Digitization (Digital Technology). In order to accomplish this BPR/IT strategy, EA (Enterprise Architecture) has been established as To-Be image of business and system across the entire business fields of Toshiba group.

"T1 Program (T1)" is a common name to collectively call principal projects carried out based on EA. Toshiba T1 Projects Corporation was founded to ensure the success and completion of the T1 program.

We will make full use of the knowledge and technology which Toshiba Group has cultivated over the years, and also invite project members from external strategic partners. It is essential to provide the environment which diverse members from different backgrounds can collaborate and work together, and that is Toshiba T1 projects corporation.

Our duty is to take a lead and contribute to Toshiba's transformation into one of the world's leading CPS technology companies. It is necessary to go beyond the boundaries of companies and make efforts as one team by everyone. We are all excited to overcome challenges and to drive T1 program forward with all members.

President Takaaki Onishi