What is T1 program (T1)

"T1 Program (T1)" is a common name to collectively call principal projects carried out based on EA that has been established as To-Be image of business and system across the entire business fields of Toshiba group.

Projects Included in the T1 Program

Next-Generation Core System

In order to achieve "Visualize for Management", "Improve Business Efficiency" and "Strengthen Internal Control", this project aims for establishing the group-common operational platform by implementing the integrated system (CRM+ERP)

Engineering Digitization

In order to perform BPR/IT reforms in engineering field, this project aims for improving engineer's productivity and achieving "optimized standardization" so as to drastically advance the QCD value.

Global Web Project

In order to contribute to business activities through "business efficiency improvement", "cost optimization" and "quality standard unification", this project aims for globally integrating current inconsistent web platforms and establishing high efficient operations over the whole Toshiba group.