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Embrace a Bright Future with Toshiba Group

"Toshiba Next Plan"

In November 2018, the "Toshiba Next Plan" was announced both internally and externally as a compass for Toshiba Group to survive and grow in the face of drastic changes in the business environment over the next 5 years and beyond.

Amid changes in the current environment caused by the digital revolution, Toshiba has strategically positioned to "Become world's leading CPS technology company".This goal can be achieved by melding Toshiba's "Physical (real-world)" strengths, cultivated over many years in the manufacturing industry with "Cyber (cyber space by digitization)" technologies that makes digitization in the industrial sector possible.


In order to step forward that direction, four reforms* to transform core earning power and focused investments in growth field are Toshiba Group's key strategies to maximize corporate value.

Reference: The Toshiba Next Plan (Nov. 2018) (Toshiba Corporation)

  • 1. Restructuring, 2. Procurement Transformation, 3. Sales Transformation, and 4. Process Transformation

Next-Generation IT Investment Plan

Engineering Transformation Investment Plan

Overall picture of BPR/IT Strategy to Implement the Toshiba Next Plan and Business Scope of T1 Projects Corporation (TOP)

Established "BPR/IT Strategy*1" as a guideline for realizing the Toshiba Next Plan.
T1 Projects Corporation will lead and execute T1 program (Process Reforms & IT Innovation)as a concrete implementation method.