Protection, Control & Automation

TTDA is a total solution provider for power automation and a manufacturer of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Data Acquisition System (DAS), Substation Automation Systems (SAS), T&D Protection Relays and Control Relay Panels (CRP) with design capability of up to 500kV.We offer a comprehensive solution and product options to best suit protection or automation requirements while allowing customers to choose the most-effective solution for their application.

Toshiba's complete range of products and solutions are constantly developed to serve the demand of our global customers hence the conformity to IEC and ANSI standards. Our power automation covers protection & control requirements for all power system applications such as generation, transmission & distribution, industrial and railway systems.

Control Relay Panels

Protection & Control Systems

Toshiba provides complete solutions for protection, control and automation of power networks at all transmission and distribution voltage levels. Our innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology delivers cost-effective and user-friendly products, while our highquality manufacturing facilities guarantee years of reliable and maintenance-free service.

Network Control Systems

Toshiba's advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and Energy Management System (EMS) provide intelligence by offering a suite of operator supporting functions. With over 45 years of experience, Toshiba has supplied over 400 EMS/SCADA/ CRP systems to domestic and overseas customers. One of our established SCADA systems is the TOSCAN-G100 which utilizes high performance computers to provide stability and effciency for power system operation. The TOSCAN-G100 monitors, records, controls and issues alarms to help run the system. In addition, it is easy to maintain and can be customized to fit customer needs.

Numerical Protector Relay and SCADA Control Room