Toshiba' s Scale-out Database GridDB Now Reinforced with Enterprise-Grade Long-Term Archiving of IoT data

- Enabling businesses to manage IoT data lifecycle more effectively -

January 15, 2019
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI―Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) today announced the release of GridDB 4.1, which brings long-term data archiving to the highly scalable database for IoT and Big Data.

As concerns for the quality and safety of manufactured goods continue to increase, manufacturers are facing a growing need to deliver traceability of data on when, where and how products were manufactured. Fulfilling this requirement demands comprehensive management of heterogeneous IoT data generated from manufacturing lines and equipment, such as sensor date and logs, spanning periods as long as 10 and 20 years.

Scale-out databases allow more resources, such as servers and storage, to be added to systems to meet the surge of data—but those additions can also have a negative impact on system operation and maintenance. GridDB 4.1 eliminates this concern.

GridDB 4.1 delivers long-term data archive capabilities that enable capacity reduction and preservation of long-term data on external archives without imposing any burdens on the database. It also offers Online Column Addition functionality that performs column*1 addition while the database is running, and enhanced SQL*2 processing performance, realizing a much more flexible database.

Following successful implementation in various industry verticals, GridDB is now successfully handling time-series data processing for critical systems in the energy, manufacturing and social infrastructure sectors. Toshiba will continue to advance the database' s development, in support of digital transformation with IoT and Big Data analytics.


  • *1 Column: the column of a database table.
  • *2 SQL (Structured Query Language): a language used to access and manipulate database.

About GridDB

GridDB is a scale-out database that Toshiba developed in-house by drawing on its expertise in various industry verticals. GridDB features “IoT-oriented data model”, “High Performance”, “High Scalability”, and “High Reliability/Availability,” allowing massive amounts of time-series data to be accumulated efficiently while maintaining high performance—characteristics highly suited to handling IoT and Big Data.

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