Toshiba Digital Solutions Releases the RECAIUS Knowledge Platform to Support Business Operations Using Expert Knowledge and Sensor Data

- Massive Amounts of Past Data Accumulated and Analyzed to Present Similar Cases when Problems Arise -

October 17, 2018
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (TDSL) will today release the RECAIUS Knowledge Platform as a new Toshiba RECAIUS™ communication AI service. This software accumulates and utilizes knowledge related to the experience of problems solved in the past, etc., to realize various AI-powered business solutions.

Whether in manufacturing, hospitality services, healthcare or nursing care, there are situations in which referring to past cases would prove useful. However, it can sometimes be hard to find the desired information—for example, if there is too much documentation or data to search through, or if they have not been well organized. The RECAIUS Knowledge Platform provides assistance by integrating the text data found in reports and manuals along with numerical data from sensors, etc., to gain an understanding and awareness of a situation. It then presents users with cases that are similar to the current situation to help resolve a problem that has arisen or prevent the problem from occurring.

For example, when a malfunction of manufacturing equipment occurs at a manufacturing site, a maintenance worker first inputs a text description of the malfunction. The software then integrates the description with other information, such as sensor data, to form an understanding of the current situation. It then shows similar cases or points to be checked in order to narrow the cases down. This helps maintenance workers who have never dealt with the problem in the past carry out maintenance work as if they were an experienced maintenance staff.

This software is provided as an API so that it can be applied to various AI-based business-support solutions in accordance with the end user’s operations and the terminal being used.

Going forward, TDSL will enrich its services so that functions, such as information accumulation, knowledge extraction/continuous updating, and utilization, can be used regardless of media, such as audio, imagery, text and sensors.

■ Key features of the RECAIUS Knowledge Platform

1.Supports problem-solving

Presents users with case examples and hints for solving problems when they arise, and helps users find solutions to their problems.

2.Helps to stay on top of problems before they arise

Searches cases similar to the current situation to help users stay on top of and prevent the occurrence of problems.

3.Enables knowledge-sharing

Analyzes and systemizes cases to allow the accumulation and sharing of knowledge.

■Examples of RECAIUS Knowledge Platform Usage

  • At facility maintenance sites: support for finding solutions and ensuring that everything is inspected
  • At healthcare sites: support for preventing missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • At nursing care sites: support for avoiding or dealing with problems
  • At customer service sites: support for dealing with customer consultations and for sales support
Examples of possible RECAIUS Knowledge Platform application

Figure 1:Examples of possible RECAIUS Knowledge Platform application


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