Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA is a Powerful Add-on that Brings Enhanced Capabilities to a Leading Global Collaboration and Product Lifecycle Management Solution for Industry

March 8, 2018
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
Toshiba I.S. Corporation

KAWASAKI--Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation and Toshiba I.S. Corporation, innovators in systems, services and solutions for the manufacturing sector, have announced an add-on that enhances the functionality and usability of Dassault Systemes' ENOVIA applications, one of the world’s leading applications for social, structured collaboration and product lifecycle management (PLM*1). "Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA" supports the use of ENOVIA applications in displaying and editing multi-layered large volume data.

Developed by Dassault Systemes to support global teams in diverse industries, from aerospace to energy, ENOVIA applications bring together people, processes content and systems to handle the complex collaborative processes involved in modern manufacturing, including global sourcing and integration of multiple design systems. Toshiba Group has adopted ENOVIA applications as its in-house standard, and Toshiba Digital Solutions and Toshiba I.S. Corporation have already deployed them at 50 Group company sites, providing support for approximately 25,000 users?in doing so, they have also enhanced its applicability.

Drawing on Toshiba Group’s long standing expertise in “monozukuri”, a deep commitment to excellence in manufacturing, Toshiba Digital Solutions and Toshiba I.S. Corporation have augmented the use of ENOVIA applications through the process of introducing it to Toshiba Group, by developing a highly effective introduction methodology and related documentation, and a group of add-on functions

The innovations engineered into “Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA” deliver more comfortable operability and system performance in the display and editing of multi-layered large volume data, particularly in respect of WBS*2, which is essential for project management and an area where many users have requested improvement; in engineering BOM*3, which is required for configuration management; and also in traceability management, which associates market requirements and the legal and regulatory requirements necessary for product development with product functions.

With a product line-up ranging from semiconductors to steam turbines, Toshiba Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturing organizations. By commercializing “Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA” Toshiba Digital Solutions and Toshiba I.S. Corporation are offering companies worldwide access to add-on functions for ENOVIA applications developed and tested by Toshiba in its own PLM activities, including the following capabilities.

? Better operability and system performance for system users

Intuitive operations are supported, including drag & drop and a right-click menu, and system performance and speed are improved in such areas as display of search results, and expanding and scrolling window. Significant improvements in the operability of constantly used functions deliver dramatic reductions in system operation time.

? High-level productivity during system construction

Comprehensive know-how cultivated by Toshiba Group through its commitment to “monozukuri” is condensed into “Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA”. This dramatically reduces the man-hours required to view and edit the large volumes of data frequently used in project management and configuration management during system construction. It's an add-on that ensures high productivity.

? Design that considers ENOVIA upgrades

The basic architecture of “Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA” is designed to be version independent, so as to minimize the man-hours required to adapt add-on functions to future upgrades to ENOVIA applications.

Yuji Yamaga, Managing Director Japan, Dassault Systemes, has commented positively on the development of “Portal View & Editor for ENOVIA”: “We welcome the announcement of the launch of this ENOVIA-related solution from Toshiba Group, a long-standing user of Dassault Systemes products and a powerful business partner. With Toshiba Group's strong engineering background and experience in system development cultivated by its use of ENOVIA applications, together we can promote collaboration and PLM capabilities in the domestic and overseas design and manufacturing sector.”

Toshiba Digital Solutions and Toshiba I.S. Corporation are further strengthening their capabilities in technology, sales and development of PLM-related solutions, allowing them to respond to the manufacturing sector's needs for greater efficiency and sophistication in product design and development, at a time when the momentum of Industrie 4.0 and Digital Twin are driving transformation in the sector.


  • *1 PLM (Product Lifecycle Management): Efforts and solutions to increase the efficiency of product design work and to speed up market introduction through central management of all information related to the product life cycle in all processes, from product planning and development through to design, production preparation, procurement and manufacturing.
  • *2 WBS (Work Breakdown Structure): Represents the structure of subdivided tasks required for a project
  • *3 BOM (Bill of Material): Represents the parts list, a list or a hierarchical structure of the parts required to assemble a product.
  • * ENOVIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systemes.