Toshiba Digital Solutions and Dell Technologies to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Mission-Critical Services

November 9, 2017
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
Dell Technologies

KAWASAKI—Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) announced today it has signed an agreement with Dell Technologies as the key infrastructure provider to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) services for mission-critical customer use cases.

Artificial intelligence in Industrial IoT (IIoT) is expected to grow at a 57% CAGR in support of use cases that include social infrastructure, energy, retail/logistics, buildings/facilities and mobility/transportation. Supporting use cases such as preventive maintenance, crime prevention, disaster recovery, cyber security, demand prediction and transportation quality improvement will require high performance infrastructure that can ensure high availability and security.

Both companies have agreed to evaluate the performance and functionality required for AI services in mission critical areas and will build a highly available environment for Toshiba’s analytics platform, [SATLYS], utilizing servers, storage and cloud technologies from Dell Technologies businesses, Dell EMC and Virtustream.

Dell EMC’s server, storage and cloud offerings are the essential and optimal IT infrastructure for helping customers achieve their digital transformation initiatives, delivering the broadest portfolio of solutions from edge, to core, to cloud. Virtustream’s cloud services meet mission critical requirements for Industrial IoT across different regions and its global footprint will help enable Toshiba to rapidly deploy its AI solutions to multiple geographies.

Toshiba’s [SATLYS], is an analytics AI service which enables accurate recognition, prediction, cause inference, anomaly detection, failure prediction and behavior inference. With its inspection, sensor, application and behavioral data analytics, the AI service is being designed to help accelerate a customers’ digital transformation initiatives.

As the key infrastructure provider for this collaboration, Dell Technologies will work with Toshiba to help build new AI services, while harnessing each other’s expertise in industrial systems.

John Roese, Chief Technology Officer, Dell EMC

“Many manufacturing companies are struggling to understand how to apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In partnership with Toshiba Digital Solutions, Dell Technologies is pleased to help develop solutions that will enable companies to begin their journey to incorporating AI and ultimately to achieve production deployments that will revolutionize their operating model, economics and competitive position.”

Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji, Director / Vice President Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Dell Technologies,” said Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji, Director and Vice President of Toshiba Digital Solutions. “Bringing together the power of Dell’s platform with high reliability, high availability and high security and Toshiba’s newly launched analytics AI service SATLYS will provide a new level of enhancement and business intelligence to customers operating their services in mission critical areas.”

Kevin Reid, President and Chief Technology Officer, Virtustream

“As the market leading provider of cloud and managed services, Virtustream, is ideally suited to support the scale, security, compliance, and data sovereignty requirements of enterprise AI and IOT - from edge aggregation and processing to centralized data storage and processing, up to the database or container layer.”

About Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Group is a globally competitive organization focused on four main business domains: Social Infrastructure, Energy, Electronic Devices and Digital Solutions. Toshiba Digital Solutions is the core driver of the Group’s Digital Solutions business and delivers system integration and digital service solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

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