Toshiba Partners with ARM to Enhance IoT Device Security

October 26, 2016

Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has joined the ARM® mbed™ Cloud partnership program as a lead partner*1, adopting ARM mbed Cloud*2 in its Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Toshiba will evaluate the use of the technology as a way to enhance its own IoT platform and device security.

The security of devices at the edge of the network is a major concern in the IoT world. Edge-rich computing*3 by coordinated and distributed processing between the edge and cloud will require highly reliable device control. To achieve this, Toshiba aims to enhance security on its IoT platform with ARM mbed Cloud and ARM TrustZone™ technology*4 for edge-rich computing. ARM mbed Cloud adopts a hardware-based security approach that allows Toshiba IoT platform to access the device unique key stored in a protected area on the device and TrustZone virtualization technology enables a trusted execution environment on IoT edge devices*5. Toshiba has started a trial applying these ARM technologies on its IoT platform “IoT Standard Pack*6” and its base software “SmartEDA*7”, in order to enhance security for software distribution to Toshiba IoT edge devices, device authentication and device management.

“Toshiba is focused on providing industrial IoT solutions and recognizes that dealing with life cycle device security is a fundamental part of that," said Michael Horne, deputy general manager and vice president of marketing and sales, IoT Business, ARM. “Toshiba is a highly important lead partner for mbed Cloud, as the combination of our technologies will enable secure and scalable management of devices in mass industrial IoT deployments.”

Toshiba will hold a demonstration of SmartEDA and mbed Cloud technology with ARM at ARM TechCon 2016 in Santa Clara, California, from Oct. 25-27, 2016. Utilizing core technologies of the two companies, Toshiba and ARM aim to contribute their respective expertise to realize safe and secure industrial IoT.


  • *1 Lead partner: A partner who can access the mbed Cloud earlier for evaluation.
  • *2 ARM mbed Cloud: A cloud service connecting a wide diversity of devices to any third party cloud. A targeted IoT device is securely authenticated and connected and trusted assets are securely injected through the mbed Cloud onto the device using the device provisioning service.
  • *3 Edge-rich computing: Coordinated and distributed processing between edge and cloud.
  • *4 ARM TrustZone technology: The technology by which a generic OS and secure OS run on independent and separate memory space on one ARM architecture-based CPU. Since generic OS cannot access the secure OS, there is no impact on the secure OS, even if vulnerabilities are found on the generic OS.
  • *5 Edge devices: Devices, with communication function, which monitor and control other entities.
  • *6 IoT Standard Pack: A cloud service enabled by Toshiba’s IoT platform that has standardized offerings, including real-time visualization of industrial equipment (edge devices) deployment status and remote monitoring.
  • *7 SmartEDA: The base software of Toshiba’s IoT Standard Pack that collects data from sensors or edge devices, controls edge devices and realizes event processing on the edge with or without a cloud.

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