Toshiba’s IoT Service Platform to Provide Global Remote
Communications Service for Kobe Steel’s Standard Compressor

- Toshiba system manages global operational status and supports customer’s maintenance service -

October 13, 2016

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that Kobe Steel Ltd. has selected its IoT service platform for the standard compressor ‘Emeraud ALE’ that it has released today in the global market. Toshiba will create a compressor M2M cloud service that enables visualization of global remote communication by collecting and storing data from compressors around the world. Use of Toshiba's IoT service platform will allow Kobe Steel to offer customers a comprehensive support and maintenance package worldwide.

Toshiba will apply global experience and remote communication know-how to providing a one-stop communication line and cloud platform service for Kobe Steel’s maintenance, quality and service units, and the maintenance organization of end users, and also support monitoring of operating conditions in real time. Toshiba plans to complement this by developing a big data analysis service for failure prediction and preventive maintenance.

Toshiba has wide-ranging experience as a solutions provider for social infrastructure, energy and industry, with capabilities that include remote monitoring of plants, building facilities and industrial equipment for failure, energy management and production yield improvement. The company’s industrial IoT platform delivers a total connection to products and equipment, and supports data collection, visualization and storage for analysis and utilization.

The data collected at the manufacturing sites are growing at an explosive rate, and data analysis by IoT solution is getting required. Toshiba applies it’s IoT service platform to precisely visualize what is happening now at individual locations and contribute to improving efficiency and quality for manufacturing industry.

*Emeraude is a trademark of Kobe Steel Ltd.

Overview of compressor M2M could service

Overview of compressor M2M could service