Making a Better World through the Power of Data

We want to make a better world. That is the spirit of Toshiba, and it will never waver.

The world is now at a turning point, as we enter a new era of drastic changes to the structure of industry. Over the years, the Toshiba Group has engaged in businesses which provide support for essential social infrastructure, which includes electric power, water treatment, and transportation, from the manufacturing field. For those of us at Toshiba Digital Solutions, we are focusing on the data business, which brings new value by utilizing various kinds of data generated by these businesses and turning them into platforms. By creating valuable services one after another through the power of data, and contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality and a circular economy, we hope to make the world a better place.

The Toshiba Group is pursuing a strategy of transformation toward Digital Evolution (DE), Digital Transformation (DX), and Quantum Transformation (QX) to develop the digital economy. We will digitalize our existing value chains through DE, then develop DX to transform our business structure by leveraging the power of DE-generated data to create platforms. To realize this goal, Toshiba Digital Solutions will lead the creation of these platform ecosystems.

In addition, the expectations for quantum technology have been growing rapidly in recent years. For around 30 years, the Toshiba Group has been conducting research and development in this area. We aim to be a leading company in social transformation through quantum technology, and we hope to deploy it toward QX, wherein various platforms go beyond industrial frameworks and connect together to create new social values.

“Committed to People, Committed to the Future.”
While looking toward the future, Toshiba Digital Solutions will continue to create new value, together with our customers and partners.


Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation