Message from the President

Our world is now moving toward a new era in which advancements in digitalization spark innovations in business, and the very structures of industry are drastically changing.
At the same time, the problems facing the world are growing in complexity. This new era requires solutions to problems on a global rscale, as society now expects companies to make significant contributions toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Toshiba has long advocated its Basic Commitment for the Group, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." We aim to create a sustainable society by evolving into one of the world’s leading cyber-physical systems (CPS) companies, and working alongside our customers and business partners to drive digital transformation that generates new value.

As the company in charge of Toshiba’s digital solutions business, we create safe, secure systems for our customers. We have also conducted extensive research on digital technologies that can be used in cyber (virtual world) applications such as AI/IoT. Leveraging these technologies, we strive to evolve in a way that delivers even greater value to our customers.

The Toshiba Group has companies with expertise and proven track records through years of experience in physical (real world) technologies. Each company in the Group is currently engaged in their own respective efforts toward digitalization. However, platform ecosystems must be created in order to deliver true digital transformation through full-scale CPS*. Therefore we intend to horizontally expand our platform ecosystems to encompass Toshiba Group companies and other companies alike.

Toshiba Digital Solutions aspires to lead the way in building the platform ecosystems to achieve true digital transformation.

Guided by the Toshiba Group's Basic Commitment, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future," we will work alongside our customers and business partners to create a sustainable society with a global scope.

Shunsuke Okada
President of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation


* Cyber-physical systems (CPS): Mechanisms to create new added value by gathering data in the real (physical) world, analyzing it with digital technologies and other methods in the cyber world, and returning it to the physical world as easy-to-use information and knowledge.

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