30 Jul, 2019
News Release
GridData Platform site is renewed and released.

GridData Platform Features

Big Data and AI support

Seamlessly respond to application linkage from analysis and learning model creation to verification and systemization. Accelerate the on-site analysis / AI improvement cycle.

Open architecture

The latest data science "algorithm" can be used by incorporating the results of open innovation centered on open source software. Support for various data structures.

Data Lake with high processing power and reliability

Couple with GridDB, a high-performance, highly-reliable database, it is able to overcome the real-time performance and reliability that is the problem of Hadoop's file system HDFS on distributed processing boards.

What is GridData Platform

GridData Platform is the foundation software required to realize data analysis / AI utilization in the enterprise.

In addition, we provide analytics services by experienced data scientists and platform engineers in order to maximize the effects of Big Data and AI, from the deployment study to the operation and maintenance phase .


Predict the future with the use of AI / machine learning, work with enterprise applications to automatically optimize business and create new value