The world is facing tremendous challenges when it comes to climate change.

The future energy system is characterized by decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization.


Major changes does not come without challenges and these cannot be solved in silos.


Our mission is to facilitate the energy transition by

connecting people, markets, and energy with technology and services.


Working as one, we will build solutions to expand green energy resources and contribute to a sustainable society.

Global trend toward decarbonization

Necessity to ensure energy self-sufficiency


Evolution of advanced technologies such as IoT and AI

Solutions to challenges through energy decentralization

Technology to support power sources with variable power generation

depending on weather conditions

Momentum associated with deregulation, liberalization, and creation of new social value

Toshiba Next Kraftwerke Corporation is a joint venture company between Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation and Next Kraftwerke GmbH, a German company

By combining knowledge and experience accumulated through the supply of products such as power generation equipment and transmission and substation equipment with forecasting, analysis, and optimization technologies through the use of IoT and AI, we aim to become a cyber-physical systems (CPS) technology company in the energy industry and will contribute to the realization of a smart and sustainable society.

Since launching our Negawatt Aggregator business in March 2017, we have been developing control technologies for storage batteries and AI-based forecasting technologies and market trading strategies.

The transition away from conventional power puts pressure on our energy grids and markets. This affects all of us.

With a total of approximately 13,000 assets totaling approximately 10 GW of aggregated power (as of April 2022), Next Kraftwerke operates one of Europe’s largest Virtual Power Plants. This intelligent network of producers of renewable energy, energy consumers, and storages allows us to successfully trade electricity, stabilize the grid, and optimize our customers’ power consumption while providing all parties tangible financial and environmental benefits.

Empowered by our vision, “The Power of Many,” we firmly believe that our services enable a transition towards a renewable future.