Renewable Energy Balancing Systems

Software support for stable operation in the bundling of solar/wind and other power plants, off-site PPA, and self-wheeling
Combined with storage battery control to optimize profits

AC*1/RA*2 system for Control Reserve Market

Software support for resource owners' participation in control reserve markets
Analysis of customer characteristics, portfolio allocation optimization, and optimal control 
*1 AC: Aggregation Coordinator
*2 RA: Resource Aggregator

Our Services’ Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, conventional energy supply systems relying on large-scale power plants are being reevaluated, and distributed power sources, such as solar power, wind power, and other renewable energies, are becoming more widely used. Since the amount of power generated by renewable energies is affected by weather conditions, the energy supply becomes unstable as the use of renewable energies increases. The VPP (Virtual Power Plant) is a new energy service concept as a solution for maintaining balance in the energy grid. A VPP utilizes IoT-devices to remotely control distributed energy sources and energy storage to function as if it was a single power plant.

VPPs require real-time control of a large number of distributed power generation and storage facilities in response to ever-changing supply and demand conditions. VPPs will enable the stable use of renewable energy by adjusting the supply-demand balance, and will also promote the introduction and expansion of renewable energies and contribute to a decarbonized society.

Renewable Energy Balancing Service

Efficient and stable operation of PV and wind with optimization for dispatchable resources including storage batteries

Software which efficiently supports planned value coincident operations and market trading operations
Proprietary algorithms for optimization
Can be operated from anywhere as a cloud tool



Market Exchanges


System Screen: Power Generation Forecast and Result
System Screen: Energy Market Bid Plan

AC/RA Systems for Control Reserve Markets

New access to markets for dispatchable resources gaining additional revenue streams

Software that enables various load adjustable resources to participate in supply and demand adjustment markets
Can be operated from anywhere as a cloud tool

Characteristics Analyses

Portfolio Management

Market Exchanges
(Frequency Adjustments)

(Directive Optimal Allocation)

System Screen: AC System

Market Exchanges

System Screen: RA System

Demand Responses

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