Product Policy

Industrial computers are developed, manufactured, and tested under the following policy to shorten downtime due to parts failure and reduce maintenance expenses.

Safety Design with Low Failure Rate, Strict Shipment Inspection

Highly reliable, long-life parts are used for assumed computer operation around the clock, and the hardware is designed with derating taken into account. All products are put to function and temperature tests before shipment for the purpose of eliminating rejects and preventing initial failures after shipment.

Full RAS Function

The Toshiba's RAS function covers computer operation diagnosis, early error detection and notification, forced shutdown in case of difficulty of continued operation and restart, all for assuring stable industrial computer operation over a long period of time and, if trouble should occur, provides an event log to support troubleshooting and early restoration to normal operation.

Expendable Parts Located Upfront for Easy Replacement

Toshiba Industrial Computer is designed for easy replacement of expendable parts because they are located in the front section*1. Quick replacement shortens computer down time for maintenance*2.

  • *1 Refer to the pages giving a description of the individual products.
  • *2 Comparison with consumer PCs
Expendable Parts Located Upfront for Easy Replacement
Industrial Computers Consumer-use Computers
AFR (Average Annualized Failure Rates) of Toshiba Industrial Computers << AFR of Consumer Computers: 5%*3

Accumulated failure database
Field failure data are accumulated and analyzed.

According to the result of analyzing the failure data (2008-2011) which we accumulated, the failure rate is high in the order of HDD, Removable units, Mother board, Power supply, and Others.

Toshiba focuses to reduce HDD failure by screening inspection.

Failure data are not categorized.

Preventive Maintenance Design (Toshiba policy)
Robust design/strict shipment inspection→Low AFR
- Robust design and strict shipment inspection are pursued to offer products of failure-resistant parts ranging from HDDs to power units and motherboards

Front-Access Design→Easy Maintenance - Front-access design facilitates easy maintenance.

No Preventive Assessment
Effective RAS Function
The RAS function not only facilitates trouble analysis but also offers the information necessary for continued stability of operation.
No RAS Function
It takes time for trouble analysis because of absence of RAS function.