The biggest comprehensive defense event in Japan was held. C-UAS attracted attention from experts all over the world.


The biggest comprehensive defense event in Japan was held. C-UAS attracted attention from experts all over the world.


Toshiba took part in the most fully integrated defense exhibition in Japan.
Our defense solutions including C-UAS which attracted tremendous interests from experts all over the world.

Toshiba exhibited at DSEI Japan 2023, the most comprehensive defense exhibition that took place from March 15th to 17th at Makuhari Messe, Japan. Over 1,300 guests visited our stand.

As the tense global situation continues, the need for anti-drone solutions are growing rapidly in the defense and security industry to confront the terrorism and attack risks caused by drones. At the exhibition, Toshiba showcased C-UAS Solutions, presenting the effectiveness of the system that provides protection for people and sites from drone threats.

Toshiba’s future C-UAS command and control system demonstrated which will enable scalable sensor integration.

In Japan, BVLOS flight in populated areas is officially approved by law revision, usage of drone is expected to expand in many industries for uses such as drone deliveries, video shooting in populated areas, and rescue activities. 
On the other hand, the risk of safety is also growing and we were asked various questions and comments regarding the system from visitors at the show.
Especially, the demonstration of command and control system drew the eyes of experts. We had intriguing/constructive discussions with visitors concerning actual threats and considerable scenes of deployment.

Our Portable Coastal Surveillance 3D Radar and Airborne Surveillance Radar were also exhibited.

Apart from the C-UAS solutions, we exhibited portable Coastal Surveillance 3D Radar and Airborne Surveillance Radar, which rose interests from authorities in countries which are in fragile situations in concern for their border security.
Product features were explained: the radars are vehicle and aircraft mountable  and at the area of surveillance it can track targets in low altitudes or sea surface. 
Visitors were interested in  our instruction about operational examples and our radar application technology with enhanced accuracy by  our unique signal processing method.

The need for C-UAS is increasing globally.

In this post-Covid period, we were able to meet defense professionals from all over the world. Hearing customer reviews on increasing risks and threats from drone attacks, we felt the inevitable need for C-UAS solution. Additionally, facing recent world-wide issues of the supply chain, the need for networking and collaboration with professionals in defense industry is rising, which made us realize more of the radical change in thinking within the industry in these few years.

Toshiba will continue to introduce our products at events and exhibitions, in order to present effective C-UAS solution, and also contribute to making a safer world with our technology and service.

Event information




Mar.15, 2023 (Wed)- Mar.17, 2023 (Fri)


Makuhari Messe, Japan

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