Service Lineup

Professional Service

Analytics services for customers who are considering using Big Data x AI

Analytics Service

In order to maximize the effects of Big Data x AI, we have a full range of analytics services with experienced data scientists and platform engineers.

Product Service

We offer product services that provide total support in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of each software of GridData Platform.

Service Name
Planning support service
Consulting service
A technical consulting service that provides in-depth investigation and appropriate advice on behalf of customers regarding products and related technical problems and questions. We provide services such as technical survey, technical verification, off-site / on-site Q&A.
Design support service Design support service This service provides design and verification of architecture and implementation method so that customers can use the products more efficiently and effectively.
Construction and deployment support service Construction / deployment service We help you with the construction and deployment, for example installation, parameter settings, etc.
Development support service Application development support service In the application development phase, we provide services such as prototyping, verification support, analysis support, design support, performance measurement, off-site / on-site Q&A.
Development support service Performance diagnostic service It is a service that supports and implements performance measurement, and diagnoses usage and other conditions.
Education service Education service Education of the product and the underlying technology.
Operation support service Operation diagnosis and support service Provides services that focus on application operation diagnostics and version upgrades.
Professional service Problem solving support service We will provide a service for problem solving support such as problem analysis.
Professional service Tuning service Provides services such as performance diagnosis and performance tuning.