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Various adoption.

We create new value in various industries and accelerate customer business.

Productivity improvement


Inspection accuracy improvement
Yield improvement
Equipment maintenance
Reduced downtime

Peace of minf and safety

Social infrastructure

Preventive maintenance
Maintenance inspection labor saving
Crime prevention and disaster prevention
Cyber security

Business efficiency

Distribution and

Work efficiency improvement
Inventory optimization
Transport quality improvement
Route optimization

Energy saving

Building, facility

Abnormal sign detection
Condition-based maintenance
Comfort improvement
Power consumption reduction

Stable and high efficiency


Supply and demand forecast
Supply stabilization
Asset optimization
Early recovery from disaster

Realizing the improvement of semiconductor memory quality and productivity by using AI.

Two billion data a day from thousands of devices have been collected and analyzed by our skilled engineers to improve quality and productivity. However, with the expansion of production volume and the complexity as well as scale of the manufacturing process, manual analysis and judgment of the data is beyond human's capability. We used machine learning such as deep learning, and we are working on automation of analysis work and the discovery of new solutions that could not be obtained only using the rule of thumb.

Estimate work behavior with deep learning

The effect of improving productivity is realized by digging through tasks by estimating the behavior of the wearer from the acceleration data of the movement of the arm of the worker using wearable devices such as wristbands.

Power supply efficiency improvement by original prediction

In power demand forecasting, which is essential in making a power supply plan, the efficient generation of power with unique high-precision forecasting characterized by the combination of weather information creation at multiple points and multiple forecasting methods using AI are realized.