A corporate group with secure earning power

Aiming to become one of the world's leading CPS technology companies

Social problems such as energy shortages, resource depletion and climate change are intensifying on a global scale. Toshiba Group tackles these challenges head-on and provides countermeasures based on technology through its business activities.

The universe of cyber physical systems (CPS) is expanding. CPS interlinks the physical world of reality and tangible things, with the cyber world of digital virtual space. It collects information and data in various fields, analyzes it in cyberspace using AI and digital technologies, and then feeds it back to the physical world as information and knowledge that can easily be utilized to create added value.

At Toshiba, we are merging our experience and achievements in the physical fields of key devices and core components, cultivated over long years in the manufacturing sector, with cyber technologies centered on operations and services that utilize vast amounts of data, in order to promote the optimization of various products and systems. At the same time, we are also engineering our own “digital transformation” by utilizing IT systems to transform business processes inside Toshiba Group, and thereby build a firm position as a CPS technology company.

Executing the “Toshiba Next Plan”

We are achieving these goals with the “Toshiba Next Plan” our medium- to long-term management plan for the five years from fiscal 2019 that will enhance the potential of the Toshiba Group and improve shareholder value by maximizing corporate value. The Toshiba Next Plan includes measures that focus on enhancing core earning power and intensive investment in growth areas. We will achieve the first of these through comprehensive implementation of structural reforms, procurement reforms, sales reforms and process reforms. Our investments in growth focus on channeling resources into business domains where certain income growth can be achieved, thereby securing organic growth.

Our initiatives for future growth are focused on research and technical development of secondary lithium ion batteries that provide excellent safety and rapid charging; high efficiency power devices used in the control of all kinds of equipment; and the field of precision medicine, including heavy ion radiotherapy.

The Toshiba Next Plan Progress Report