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Implementation of Toshiba Group "Global Environmental Action" for 2013

[27 May, 2013]

Toshiba Group has selected June 5th, World Environment Day, as the date for Toshiba Group's “Global Environmental Action” day, and aims to encourage its approx. 210,000 employees around the world to take an active part in promoting environmental activities and improving their own environmental awareness. Choosing the widely celebrated annual World Environment Day for the Toshiba event underlines the importance of positive environmental action.

This year, for its first time, Toshiba Group will launch a “Global Light Down Campaign” in which the Group's worldwide network of production and business sites will turn off facility illuminations at night time, and also encourage employees and their family members to do the same in their homes. Toshiba's Headquarters Building in Tokyo will hold a “Light Down Event” on the evening of June 5th and turn off its office lights. The event will feature live concerts and entertainment programs, followed by a countdown to extinguish lightings in the building.

Towards reaching its goal of becoming one of the world's foremost eco-companies by 2015, Toshiba Group defined its 5th Environmental Action Plan in June last year. The plan includes promotion of ‘Simultaneous Environmental Actions' as a means to tackle global environmental issues. Toshiba Group will continue to promote “Global Environmental Action” on June 5th every year, to further raise environmental awareness among Group employees and strengthen relationships with local communities.

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